About Us

Life is messy ...

- we're all messy people living in a messy world, and here at Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene (SCN), we understand that. We are messy people with messy stories, and to some degree or another, still live messy lives. Thankfully, God, who cares deeply for all people, loves us in spite of our messiness.


Jesus Christ doesn't want to leave us in our mess. He desires what is best for our lives. Because of that, we believe in the transforming power of amazing grace given to us from an amazing God who loves us tremendously. SCN is a group of people with stories of how God took our messy lives and created meaning, peace and purpose. We are a group of people with stories of change, love and victory.

Messy or not, all are welcome at SCN. Hope to see you soon.