SCN Updates

Online Worship Services

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our Sunday morning worship services are on YouTube and Faithlife. Worships services are also open to up to 25 people. Please contact our main office if you would like to attend. Please join us at 9:30am for great music, prayer and a message from Pastor Chad.

Sunday School

  1. Gary Scott is teaching Sunday School via Zoom (11am-12pm). Please contact Gary for more information at
  2. Pastor Chad will host a sermon discussion each Sunday at 11amish via Zoom. Please contact the church Office for Login and Password.

Tithes and Offerings

God is always faithful to His people and we are called to remain faithful to Him - no matter the situation. Tithing is an act of worship and of faith; never circumstantial. Tithing, which I believe is 10% of our gross income is returning to God what belongs to Him - it is never ours to keep.

During this time of community restrictions, please continue to remain faithful to God through consistent giving to the local church. As you remain faithful, Church leadership is making plans to respond to needs as they arise. We are giving due diligence to our responsibility to manage well.

I encourage you to continue to give through our WEBSITE or by mailing checks to the church. Please indicate on the envelope ATTN: CT (CT is church treasurer).

Distance - Not Withdrawal

Though we need to be wise during this time, the Church is never called to isolate. Never. We must continue to engage our neighbors and friends - particularly those most vulnerable to the virus. We can still love one another wisely and safely. Please use every means possible to stay connected with our church family. Whether it's Facebook, texting or talking through a window - stay connected!